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I am Gilat Segal, and this is my family.  

We live in Hod-Hasharon, Israel.
Thanks for joining us.


Our experience shows that when planning a trip,
one of the first encountered problems is excessive information.  
Yes, too much information!
The Internet is flooded with so many first class sites loaded with details, personal trip stories, recommended routes, trip plans, and tips.
So where should you start reading?  And how can you put some order in all these details? How can you understand the big picture, before diving into the details?

This site was built exactly for this.
Intentionally, we didn’t provide excessive details, prices, lists, tables and long stories.
You will be able to find essential information here, partitioned to areas, and relevant attractions in each area.
We preferred to add many pictures to better describe the subject.
As for specific attractions and sites, it is commonly unclear how to plan the day and how to find your way around.  Therefore, we added specific links to maps with indications of the main orientation points, to help you focus.

This site is based on our own experiences, and the attached pictures were all taken by us.

Oh, yes, we will be happy if you add your comments at the bottom of the pages 🙂

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